MTS 1 Complete Kit



Addresses both reading and spelling. It is suitable for Tier 1: basic instruction for all students in regular K-3 classrooms, Tier 2: intervention in regular classrooms, or small group tutorials for struggling readers at all levels. It is evidence-based learning, as described in Put Reading First (great for home school use).

The following items are included in the MTS 1 Complete kit:

  • SOUNDATIONS! Games and Activities for Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
  • Concept Review Cards for SOUNDATIONS!
  • MTS 1 Reading Manual
  • MTS 1 Spelling Manual
  • MTS 1 Letter Deck
  • MTS 1 Picture Deck
  • MTS 1 Reading Concept Cards
  • MTS 1 Suffix Cards
  • MTS 1 Irregular Word Cards
  • MTS 1 Sound Review Deck
  • MTS 1 Student Workbooks are sold separately.